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Welcome to Proceed, a 2D Action game with a focus on combat, survival and exploration, set across a procedurally generated universe. Proceed is a single player experience, you play as an Artificial Intelligence named Prox-E, built to find a new home for humanity.

Sleek & Beautiful


Control an A.I. Upgrade your technology, science and energy systems to explore an endless and deadly universe.

Sleek & Beautiful


Use your resources and data to control and manage planet earth. Unlock new technologies to follow your prime objective. Ensure Humanity's survival.

Sleek & Beautiful


Face an Intelligent virus strangling the universe as you venture deeper into the void. Build your Artificial Intelligence to understand the secrets of existence.


Sleek & Beautiful

Procedural Worlds

Hand painted art combined with a beautiful randomness create an endless universe to explore.

Sleek & Beautiful

Bizarre Lifeforms

Life has taken the strangest forms in the Universe of Proceed. Scan, research and battle an array of wonderful alien life.

Sleek & Beautiful


Allocate your hard won resources between upgrading your Mech, and improving science and energy.

Sleek & Beautiful

Strategy & Management

To fulfill your prime objective - Manage a dying planet earth to sustain the human species. Make moral decisions to avoid human extinction.

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