Proceed is a unique 2D Sidescroller – combining procedural generation and detailed, digitally painted artwork to produce beautiful, unique worlds.


It is apparent new sources of fuel are needed to power the human lust for comfort and wealth. You are designated with the burden of saving the Human Race.

But What Are You?

Gather and manage resources from varied and often deadly worlds to expand your home-world and thrive. Discover technological secrets to upgrade your mining drones to traverse worlds teeming with life, technology and picturesque landscapes.


Experience a fully realized story and discover secrets across worlds with infinite possibilities as you fight to sustain a dying species. Every players experience will be unique and fraught with unknown dangers.

Proceed Red Planet

Proceed is currently in the early stages of development with new content added daily, you can follow along with the progress on the blog and our Facebook Page.

Developer Blog #1


Release Date: TBA

System Requirements: TBA