Press Kit

Here is a complied list of Screenshots, Videos and Descriptions about Proceed for press purposes. Feel free to distribute as required and email for any assitance.

Short Description:

Welcome to Proceed, a 2D Action game with a focus on survival and exploration, set across a procedurally generated universe. In Proceed you play as an Artificial Intelligence, built as an aide for the survival and expansion of the human race.

In a period of rapid growth and dwindling natural resources, you alone are the last hope for the future of Planet Earth. You will work to advance the human race on Earth; both by managing resource usage and technological research, and exploring across the Universe. The game takes you on a challenging and mature story of survival.

Pre-Alpha Trailer (0.3.5)


Important Dates

Summer 2017: Kickstarter Campagin Launch

Spring 2018: Closed Beta

Autumn / Fall 2018: Initial Release

Pre-Alpha Screenshots




Further Info:

The worlds which you explore, are generated using libraries of Hand-Painted artwork we create beforehand and clever programming to bring them to life. Proceed is full of wonders and danger. Creatures and opposing AI’s are abundant across the Universe – finding and exploiting them, through combat or otherwise is your primary goal.

Proceed is in Pre-Alpha and we intend on raising further funding on Kickstarter this summer to pursue even greater ambitions for the game. You can follow along with development on our Facebook and Twitter below.

– A mature story, in a Procedural Universe.

– Fast paced, twin stick shooter.

– Survival, upgrade and strategy.

– Day-Night cycles & complex weather patterns.

– Survive the harshest conditions in the universe.

– Numerous types of Mech & Drone, each endlessly upgradeable.

– Lots more to be revealed in the coming months.